Our Retail StoreStagnaro Bros. Outdoor Fish Market has been in operation since 1937 selling fresh and frozen fish on the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf and is the largest outdoor fish market on the West Coast. We operate in all aspects of the industry, with the fish market here on the wharf, our wholesale store in town and the restaurant. We sell over 20 types of fresh fish from all over the world, from salmon and cod to sole and halibut.

Ahi Tuna Fillet
Alaskan King Crab Legs
Albacore Fillet
Bait Shrimp
Bay Scallops
Black Mussels
Live/Cooked Crab
Green Lips
Sea Scallops
Monk Fish
Tilapia Fillet
Chilian Seabass
Ling Cod
Rainbow Trout
Salmon Steak
Salmon Fillet
Halibut Fillet
Sturgeon Fillet
Catfish Fillet
Opah Fillet
Mahi Fillet
Swordfish Fillet
Ono Fillet
Yellowtail Fillet
Orange Roughy Fillet
Sandabs Fillet
Shark Fillet
Red Snapper Fillet
Sole Fillet
Cooked Prawns
Calamari Steak
Lobster Tails
41/50 Prawns
26/30 Prawns
Jumbo Prawns
Cooked/Peeled Prawns
Marinated Calamari
Octopus Ceviche
Dungeoness/Rock Crabmeat
Cooked Shrimp
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Local Snapper
Smoked Tuna
Smoked Thresher Shark
Trout Jerky
Blue Point Oysters
Whole Catfish
Whole Tilapia
Whole Salmon
Little Neck Clams
Maine Lobster